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An RP icon request community.
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Making Icons

This is a celebrity icon request community - some samples of my work are provided below. There will be some bases posted from time to time that you will be allowed to take on the condition that you credit iconoclassism. Otherwise, please post a request in the format provided below.

1. Who you want
2. Picture/Pictures you would like me to use - if you do not post pictures, I will go find some, and you may or may not like them.
3. Any text you want on the icons (if you are requesting more than one, please be specific as to which text for which icon)


1. If the icons weren't quite what you were looking for, you can apply again and be more specific as to what you do want, but be gracious about it. It's not like we have to do this.
2. Tag your entry with the name of the person you are requesting. Also, title the entry with the name of your request.
3. As a general rule, everyone who requests will get at least ten icons, probably more. If you want less, say so. If you'd like more, please provide some of the pictures yourself.
4. Be nice - if I don't get to you right away, it's because I'm busy. Getting snippy doesn't help anyone.
5. DO NOT HOTLINK. Upload all images to your own server, or suffer a slow and painful death.
6. Before you post a request, check the calendar and memories to see if what you want has already been posted.
7. Post requests under a cut, and in the title of the cut, write "fine, take your banana" so I know you read the rules.

Made Icon Links

Any icons linked above are free for taking with credit, regardless of what the post title/subject says.